The New Warner Bros Logo is Definitely an Eye-Catcher!

The Warner Bros had kept us waiting for a new look at their logo since 2019 but now that it's finally released it all seems worth it!

The new logo, just like every other great logo, is instantly recognizable. However the logo we see above was actually not the one that was teased in 2019.

The original Warner Bros. Logo (left) vs The Logo that was teased in 2019 (right)

The Logo in 2019 seemed to be a flat minimalist style logo However, It seemed as if Warner Bros. decided that the logo needs a bit of flair so the noticeable changes they made to the logo was that they rendered the letters, "WB" of the logo making and added a silver lining to highlight the shield.

Here is a better, more cinematic preview of the logo in action;

The logo has been getting great feedback on twitter and other social media outlets proving that Pentagram and Warner Bros. definitely hit the mark on their rebrand.

So, is flat design the future? 

Or will brands start looking for other creative ways to rebrand their logo in a modern way like Warner Bros. did?

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