Burger King Changed It's Logo After 20 Years!

Burger King, a globally recognized American fast food chain, has rebranded for the first time in 20 years!

The rebranding included changing the design of the logo, packaging and uniforms of Burger King. The designs were made by creative agency, Jones Knowles Richie.

Burger King Moodboard

Burger King's rebranding uses flat design, a style of design that is on the rise, and colors that are relevant to the food they serve (green representing lettuce, brown representing meat etc...)

Burger King logo before and after

Looking a bit closer at the logo, the main change is the removal of the blue curve, which was introduced for the first time in the logo in 1999.

Here's what Burger King has to say of it's latest branding;

"We were inspired by the brand's original logo and how it has grown to have an iconic place in culture. The new logo pays homage to the brand's heritage with a refined design that's confident, simple and fun". Says Jones Knowles

"Minimalist Logo seamlessly meets the brand evolution of the times."

They said in a press release, that customers will find the new colors, "Bold and Rich".

I, personally love the font, which Burger King has reported to made itself.

They said, they use a custom font called, "Flames". The font is inspired by the food Burger King is known for serving, which they say is, "Rounded, Bold and Yummy".

New Uniforms of Burger King

New Brand Packaging of Burger King

The new designs include the uniforms of the fast food chain to have a base color of brown and use the colors red, orange and white for trim with the new logo.

All marketing assets of the fast food chain will also be written with the new custom font, "Flames".

The rebrand might take several years to be fully implemented 

Design is one of the most essential tool we have for communicating who we are and what we value, and it plays a vital role in creating desire for our food and maximizing guests' experience. We wanted to use design to get people to crave our food; it's flame-grilling perfection and above all, it's taste." said Raphael Abreu, Owner of the Burger King brand.

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