McDonalds Global packaging redesign: Simplicity at it's peak

The New McDonald's packaging redesign features simple illustrations to visually describe their menu

McFlurry new design

Recently, Pearlfisher, had joined hands with McDonald's to release a global redesign for the packaging of every menu item.

Pearlfisher did a great job to make the design appeal to modern times. It also simplified it's design to compile it's huge range of products under one graphic system.

Here are some new looks to the packaging design:

mcdonalds new packaging design

mcdonalds fries redesign

mcdonalds global redesign

Here's what Pearlfisher had to say about the redesign on their official website:

"We partnered with McDonald's on a multi-year effort to redesign their global packaging system. The renewed design brings a sense of joy and ease to the brand through bold graphics.

Placing McDonald’s playful point-of-view front and center, we evolved the brand’s design system away from prominent on-pack messaging, cooking up graphic representations of their iconic menu items instead.

From the cool blue waves on the Filet-O-Fish® clamshell to the golden, melting cheese on the Quarter Pounder® with Cheese, the packaging makes for an expressive, visual system. Each wrapper, clamshell and pack is identifiable, joyful and simple.

With evocative, easy-to-understand graphics, McDonald’s’ new packaging is recognizable regardless of where in the world orders are being assembled, shared and enjoyed."

It seems as if McDonalds, just like the Burger King redesign, is also jumping on the trend bus and making a shift to flat design and simplicity.

Let me know in the comments, Are you lovin' it?

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