The NUMBER ONE Thing that will make you a great designer

This is the main characteristic that separates the best from the rest

As a curious person you might be wondering what traits/characteristics should you have to be a good graphic designer or maybe if you are already a graphic designer you might wonder if there is something you're doing wrong since, when you compare your present to your past, you don't seem to have gotten far and haven't 'grown' to a better designer.

So what are you doing wrong?

Well, on the bright side, you're not doing anything wrong and it isn't that you're not doing something/anything right.

It's about that one thing you could add to your career that will give you a significant boost in your productivity.

And that thing is "The Ability to Grind Something Out"

Now, what do I mean by grinding something out?

To grind something out means that you keep on doing something repeatedly, persistently and don't stop until you have reached your full potential in the specific thing you are doing.

For example, let's say you want to play the piano. 

You'll buy yourself a piano, you will set it up and for the fun of it you'll start randomly playing the keys, and slowly yet steadily, you will start to focus and this time for real try to actually play a good melody. But no matter what you do it just doesn't sound right, you just can't seem to understand why it isn't playing the way you imagined it in your head so you see a YouTube tutorial for a simple song, "Happy Birthday".

After giving a listen to the veiny hand, long fingered guy play the happy birthday song in perfect harmony you give it a shot and even though you sound better it's still not good enough. You're still not satisfied.

So after trying for more than 4 hours, you give up. You think the piano just isn't for you or that you could find some better and more easier instrument to play like the guitar or the violin, ignoring the fact that they are just as hard to learn.

Well, what if, you didn't give up? What if you never stopped and just kept on playing and every day you would wear your fancy little coat, straighten your back, have a "oh yeah I'm gonna kill it this time" expression on your face and started playing it again...

You will sound absolutely horrible.

But not as horrible as the first time, so that counts for something right? YES, it does. But still it might get you a bit down that you couldn't play as good so you open up Instagram and check your feed for all the #hustle, #grind #motivational posts and you get inspired and think, "Tomorrow I'm definitely going to play happy birthday from start to finish in smooth succession"

And still you don't get it but it got better, this time you were much more consistent but you were very slow.

So you repeat, open Instagram, get inspired, sleep.

Next day, You were spot on but not perfect

And this kept going on and on and on until one day...

There was this great melody coming from your room and this wasn't your everyday thing where you're family would look at you as if you had gone crazy by playing 'Happy Birthday' all the time on the piano but this time they were actually intrigued, curious. Every keystroke, every note, every tune was perfectly aligned, had a smooth relaxing flow and a very joyful ring that even the birthday boy or girl would be looking forward to.

And thus, everyone, including yourself realized that, after grinding the happy birthday song for weeks and months, day in, day out on the piano, you finally perfected it. After a thousand retries you had obtained so much wisdom that you know exactly what key to press and what sound it will make, you know which sounds go together and which don't, you have complete knowledge of the duration, the tempo, the rules and the pitch of the song. You can play it with one hand, hands behind your back, with your eyes closed etc. because you know exactly where to place your hand or how to reach from one end of the piano to the other in the quickest, most efficient way.

All because you didn't give up and kept grinding it out until there was no more fault you could identify. No matter who you asked, even they couldn't point out any flaws because they're just simply aren't any.

It's the same for every other field, you have to keep on grinding it out until you don't have any flaws remaining to correct, that is if you truly want to master that specific skill or interest.

Now, let's relate to graphic design, more specifically, logo design a bit

If you saw my last post you might have taken a look at my whole process of designing the 'Grand Shinwari' logo for a local client of mine. 

This was my first attempt when I was designing the Grand Shinwari logo

Pretty bland and simple right?

Well, after putting in continuous hours of work just experimenting with fonts, colors, graphics etc. This is what it started to become

See how much different the two are?

And after still not being satisfied and grinding for a day or two this was the logo that finally made it through

If I would've given up after the first logo design or would not work as hard on the second and the third one I would not have reached this conclusion.

I would just think the client is too demanding or I'm just not fit for this job, but I didn't

If you're confused or just don't get the point of this post well then let me just summarize in one simple sentence: "Keep on designing and never give up"

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