Power of Typography with Bucky the Sniper

This is a short post I wanted to share regarding a meme I came across

I was using Facebook (don't judge me) and while scrolling I saw this:


Yes, I fell for it.

And so did hundreds of other people.

So, why is it that people tend to read the text in the picture first before the caption?

Well, you already know the answer, "because it's more noticeable than the caption."

But HOW is it more noticeable?

Well, it has something to do with typography which is exactly why that, if you're serious about learning graphic design, you have to be serious about learning typography as well.

The above post uses good typographic knowledge to create contrast between the levels of text. The contrast is created by assigning different sizes and weights to the font which guides the viewer's eyes creating a sense of hierarchy (where to look first and last.)

The main heading, "This is BUCKY" is written in bold and has a bigger size than any other text, also you'll notice that this is the only sentence that is italicized (slanted) which instantly separates it from the other text as it is the odd one out. Other than this, "Bucky" is written in all caps which further puts emphasis on the text that this is far more important than any other text on the screen.

Next, you notice the description which says, "Bucky snipes everyone who doesn't read the caption" there are a number of ways this happens naturally.

  • Since the heading created a sense of hierarchy, it is natural for viewers to look at the below text as that is how they have been conditioned, when reading a novel, would you read the paragraph before the main heading?
  • Another way the hierarchy is maintained is by the size of the text, you read the biggest text first then small and then smallest (e.g. reading the heading of an article, then its text, then the caption.)
  • It caught the viewer's eye as contrast was created.
At the very last, you notice the caption, "too late." If you concentrate a bit you'll notice that all the letters are lowercased which removes emphasis from the text, also the text is small so many viewers won't even notice it especially in contrast to the bigger sized type on the screen.

I thought this was pretty cool, let me know what you guys think and to learn more about typography check out, Typography 101 | Everything You Need to Know

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